What are you able to give? What are you able to receive?

Piece of Yourself creates and produces both performance and film. We are dedicated to authentic and intimate storytelling. We build bridges in the shape of stories, bringing into light what has been hiding in the dark. We offer our audiences real experiences of the surreal and the magical, and reconnect people to a core experience of themselves, their own values, and humanity.


We raise the voices of female storytellers, telling tales inspired by real people and real events through different mediums and discovering the place where everyday simple magic moments and realism collide. We tell stories that matter. Stories that haven’t been told. Our work shines light on themes that are in the dark.

Piece of Yourself works in strong collaboration with The Box Collective

I believe by diving deep into the soul, mind and body of a character we can shine light on our own hidden darkness and by this revealing and reflecting, we hold up a mirror and become unified with each other as humans.
— Esther-Sophia Artner

Our Promise

Stories that challenge beliefs and perspectives are an integral part of how we can grow as a society and as individuals. We invite our audiences on the journey of experiencing the stories we bring to life. Through film and theater we create magic and ritual by looking at the needs and essence of the characters, their stories and transformations. Piece of Yourself curates and crafts experiences, including collaborations with a wide range of artists to create a comprehensive yet specific world for audiences.

Team work makes the DREAM work.