Fire in Water

This short film tells the story of a couple and their path to soul liberation. In their Villa in Italy, a couple in their late 60s, Sofia (Madeleine Assas) and Olivier (Didier Flammand) are enjoying their regular vacation, the routine of their daily life has become their second nature. She takes care of him and the house, he rarely talks or look at her. When Olivier is denied the career promotion he worked for his whole life, he decides to change his attitude towards Sofia and starts taking care of her and the house. Destabilized by his sudden change of attitudes, Sofia struggles to keep her purpose and finally breaks through delusion by frantically repainting the villa’s walls. 


Directed and Written by Esther Artner and Julie Deffet
Producer: Miriam Petritz
Cinematography: Valentina Caniglia
1st AC: Gaia Ferme
Actors: Madeleine Assas and Didier Flammand


To see you smile

This short film tells the story of two strangers, Maxine and Silvester, who meet in the NYC subway. They unlikely pair share a moment of bonding over a pastrami sandwich, which sets them off on a childlike adventure and the honoring Maxine’s brother’s death.


Directed by Esther Artner and Alanna Dorsett
Writer: Esther Artner
Producer: Esther Artner
Cinematography: Erinn Clancy
Actors: Esther Artner and Stratos Tzortzoglou




Personal Pieces

Personal Pieces is a mini-documentary series created in collaboration with STORYCOAT that peers into the lives of individuals; illuminating their paths, trials, suffering, and the transformations that have made them who they are today. These interviews aim to be authentic, grounded, relatable, down to earth, personal, intimate, inspiring and speak to the essence of the individual.

Personal Pieces is a platform for individuals to share their passions; what they bring into the world, what inspires them, and what makes them authentic. What Piece of Yourself would you like to share?


Interview with Elizabeth Kemp 

Elizabeth was a member of The Actors Studio for over 20 years. There, she served as the Liaison to the President—Arthur Penn, Chairman of the Audition Committee, as well as serving on the Members Committee. She has moderated sessions at The Studio, where moderators have included Lee Strasberg, Elia Kazan, Arthur Penn, Ellen Burstyn, Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Shelley Winters, Al Pacino, and Harvey Keitel.

Elizabeth was a member of the Acting Faculty at The Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University. In addition, she has also taught at the Lee Strasberg Institute, Susan Batson’s Black Nexxus as well as workshops in New York, Athens, Zurich, Paris, Berlin and Rome. Elizabeth founded Hooligan Dreamers and directed the Indie film Outlaw.

In deepest gratitude for all her work and this interview in which she shared a piece of herself with us!



Reel — coming soon!