Esther Sophia Artner

Esther S. Artner is the artistic director of POY. She is originally from Vienna, Austria. She has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, has worked as a Video Journalist for Puls TV. In 2011 she founded a company in Berlin, Germany, FlavourSys, which works in collaboration with Adobe Systems Incorporated and has a range of corporate clients including, RBB, National Geographic and Warner Brothers. 

In 2013 she moved to New York City and has since finished her MFA at the Actors Studio Drama School. Shortly after, she began working with The Box Collective. She has overseen costume design, set design, worked as a performer, co-director and producer in New York City as well as Milan. Recent acting credits include Estelle in No Exit, Salome in In or Out, Maxine in Forever Young, a short which she wrote, acted and co-directed and Fire in Water which she co-directed with a team of international artists in Italy.

Currently, she is working in New York City as an actor on a piece called 116 together with Mikaal Bates, directed by Sara Fay George.



Julie Deffet

Julie was born in a French-speaking town in southern Belgium. After graduating from ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) with a Master degree in Journalism, she moved to New York to study film-making at The New School for public engagement. Her personal work was screened at Anthology Film Archive, The Filmmaker's Coop NYC, The International Film Festival Manhattan and the short films corner at Cannes Film Festival, among other places. She has shot promotional videos for Belcham (the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce), Futuro Media Group, the Box Collective and The New School for Social Research. She currently lives in New York and works for Vice Media.



Sara Fay George

Sara Fay George is a New York based Theater Artist dedicated to challenging the conventions of modern theater. She is the Co-Artistic Director of The Box Collective and has produced new work in California, New York City, Berlin, Venice and Milan. As a playwright, Sara Fay is known for weaving classical texts into stories. In 2014, 116, composed from the complete works of Shakespeare, premiered at the New Ohio Theater in New York City. The Stadt Elegies, composed from the writing of Rainer Maria Rilke, toured through Italy in the Summer of 2015. In the Fall of 2015 she directed Swan Song: Voices on Climate Change, in collaboration with COP 21 and Climate Change Theater Action. In the Summer of 2016 she directed In or Out, an immersive piece which takes audiences behind the doors of a Brooklyn brownstone and into the home of a spiritual cult. Her most recent directorial work, From the Heartland of Nausea, premiered at the United Solo Festival October 2017.



Andrea Goldman

Andrea is a writer, actress, producer, director, strategist and lyricist among other things. She has worked as an idea generator--inspiring and strategizing for global brands in the advertising industry. She’s an experienced analyst, strategic planner and copywriter, with a Master’s Degree focusing on cross-cultural symbolism. She specializes in the luxury and premium sectors, having worked extensively in the spirits, beauty and health/wellness sectors. She is the co-founder of Viscus Film with her partner Marem Hassler. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Viscus' films have garnered various awards and recognition at international film festivals.

She’s an IRNE-nominated actress and her performance background comes from creating experiential performance which has been featured in the New York Times as groundbreaking work that challenges the notions of traditional forms of theater. Andrea is the Co-Artistic Director of The Box Collective and trained classically at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. She believes in exploring provocative themes that hit the audience right in the gut-evoking visceral sensibilities and leaving a lasting imprint on the psyche. She pulls from her unique team of talented artists to conceptualize and realize a new and challenging form of storytelling.



Shashwat Gupta

Shashwat Gupta is an International artist. Through the last decade Shashwat has continued to work on his passion of film and theatre in multiple roles as Actor, Director, Producer, Cinematographer and Editor. He is also a published poet and scholar. Shashwat is a graduate of the MFA Acting program at the Actors Studio Drama School, MA Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths and holds a B.A. in Journalism and Communication Studies from Middlesex University. Shashwat’s work is a special dedication to the dreamers and believers.