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cinematic pieces



Sisters is a short film about two sisters dealing with loss and confronting each other on a night out.

Written by Esther Sophia Artner

Available positions

Director of Photography


Web Series

YOLO meets FOMO in this comedy/drama about a new society of adventurous New Yorkers who have a different lover each day on a 7-day rotation. How awesome is that? Nobody gets bored and nobody misses out. Well, maybe. Scheduling conflicts, sexual frustration, and the toll of multiple goodbyes may mean that it's all more trouble than it's worth. And maybe classic monogamy and old school romance still has something significant to offer after all. Then again, that 28-day rotation that everyone's talking about might be a lot of fun for awhile too. Yikes! It's all so confusing!

Written by Dave Ratzlow

All positions open

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Small Amongst Infinite Stars

A triptych of interlaced interrogations of explosive, uncomfortable, radiant womanhood—torn from the corridors of fact, the high towers of fantasy, and the endless night sky of pure fiction.

3 women. 3 stories. Inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Written by Matt Minnicino
Directed by Julia Sears
with Andrea Goldman, Sara Fay George and Esther-Sophia Artner

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