In or Out

In or Out is an immersive play, based on a true story, which takes the audience behind the scenes of a spiritual cult, The Society of Light. In or Out was first workshopped in the summer of 2016 and was presented to sold out audiences. The action of the play traveled through three levels of a brownstone in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and incorporated site specific film projection. 

Audiences are sometimes part of the action and spoken to directly by performers. At other moments audiences are voyeurs and given the unique opportunity to peer into private and intimate moments of these people’s lives, struggles and relationships.

Written by Sara Fay George


Director’s Note


Cult. Just this one syllable word makes us experience fascination, aversion, curiosity, even judgement. We want to know what it is like to belong, but we remain spectators, on the outside looking in. In or Out is about breaking these borders. The simplest definition of a cult is a group of people who share similar beliefs. What then is the difference between a cult, a religion, a political party, an organization, or even a community? Belief is something that we are not able to escape. We become inculcated by our surroundings, friends, family, events in our life.

We have all been programmed or “brainwashed” by our personal experiences. So why the fascination? Why do we look outside of us for these stories, questions and answers? Beliefs sit so deeply within us that we are often not even aware of them and yet they inform our lives completely. If there is one thing we can learn from cult mentality, it is the necessity to constantly examine and challenge our own beliefs, striving for wider perspectives, and inclusive attitudes. The question to the viewer then becomes very simple. “What cult is living inside you?” — Sara Fay George  


“What cult is living inside you?” 

— Sara Fay George


Sometimes at Night

Sometimes at Night has been produced by The Box Collective and is a new interdisciplinary performance piece formed in collaboration with installation artists, writers, musicians, visual artists, directors, painters and performers. Through the use of original text and echoes of classical work, the piece tells the epic story of three sisters and their painstaking journey towards wholeness. Inspired by the myths, legends and folkloric stories of women throughout time, this is an exploration of what it means to rediscover the primal within.

“A true discovery in the Berlin Art Scene...from their wounds, we are left feeling the liberation of three strong women in search of themselves and tougher skin, while we (as audience) simultaneously experience a diverse form of art in which innovation goes hand in hand with creative aesthetics.”
— ArtiBerlin

Written by Andrea Goldman